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Sat Sep 12 02:38:53 UTC 2009

Don't worry, Andrew, I'm working on it, and by the sound of it, I think I
got it!  Future posts from me on other threads will be like the ones I'm
making on this thread.

Jay, Gmail does seem to have a lot of safeguards against spam, both incoming
and outgoing.  I think they have plenty of incentive to maintain it, and in
my long experience as a user, they are good at it, and they tend to act
quickly.  I don't think they wanna go the way of Yahoo!!  I don't pretend to
have a clue what their next move will be, but I'm convinced that if their IP
address thing becomes an issue, they will again act quickly to resolve it.
If not, I have plenty of other places to go to get a decent free email
account.  However, I've had Gmail for more years than I care to count, and
they haven't let me down yet.

I donno about tagging from addresses.  I know they've recently changed that,
but from what to what I donno.  I have a bad habit of not paying much
attention to things that I assume don't affect me, and I only have this one

Hmmm, where'd the topic go?  Oh well, I think I got out of it what I wanted,
thanks to everybody!  I plan to try Pidgin Music Tracker and Banshee .. as
soon as I get that ethernet card, which I'm REEEEEEEALY looking forward to
because I wanna get off this VM!  It keeps aborting for no reason ever since
I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04, and it's getting really annoying! =)
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