Distribution Upgrade Help Needed

Kenneth Loafman kenneth at loafman.com
Mon Sep 28 19:28:23 UTC 2009

Rich Shepard wrote:
>    My wife's laptop is currently running xubuntu-8.04. I just finished
> upgrading all installed packages using Synaptic. However, it did not offer
> me the option of upgrading the entire distribution to 9.04 and I don't see a
> menu option to do so. I run Slackware on our other hosts so I have no idea
> how to upgrade the distribution from within the GUI.
>    Should I su to root in a vitural console and run 'apt-get distribution
> upgrade' or take a different approach?

System / Administration / Software Sources / Updates tab at the bottom 
has a Release Upgrade section; select "Normal releases", then run Update 
Manager and it will let you upgrade via the GUI.  I've gone from Dapper 
to Jaunty (one at a time) using that process and it works well.


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