Network-Manager and 9.04

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Fri Sep 25 21:16:41 UTC 2009

On Fri, 25 Sep 2009, Mike McGinn wrote:

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> NM can do none of those for me.

But sadly wicd does not do VPN's, although this is planned for a future 
release, its easy for techies to configure VPN, but when you have some 
techno-clueless dummy staff using these things as well, its a pain, they 
just want to point and click to login to VPN, they don't want to remember 
to use terminal and call ppp or pon or whatever, although they use fedora
on laptops the same applies with ubuntu since some dual boot, and one or 
two of us even quad boot (fedora/slackware/ubuntu/xp) ;)

I could eliminate xp if commander and LG would release a version of their 
CAT's for Linux.. one day... hoping... *sigh*


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