how to get audio going out in skype

Jay Daniels tux at
Wed Sep 23 23:09:20 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-09-23 at 07:32 -0700, gardenia bliss wrote:
> i finally got ubuntu super os successfully
> installed on my toshiba intel dual core
> ati audio card laptop.  i want to get my
> voice going out.  sometimes i can hear
> the skype test call speaking, and then
> there is no audible recording of me 
> speaking.  i use the audio recorder and
> i can record and save an audible
> recording.  i need clear specific help
> for fixing this.  thanks.

Probably your connection, try...

ping -c 4

My broadband has a lot of latency.  Most of the time I have a packet
lose when pinging.  Skype fails, but I can talk with gtalk on windows
ok.  It seems gtalk (desktop client) is much better for voice than
Skype.  Unfortunately, there is no gtalk app with voice for Linux.

I hear people calling into radio shows using skype, but in my experience
unless you have an excellent connection, skype no good.

Hardy comes with Ekiga, but I haven't tried it after giving up on
internet phone on this satellite connection.


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