Assembly language programming in unix environment

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Mon Sep 21 12:05:07 UTC 2009

freeburn wrote:
> Not really. Today's compilers are very good at optimising code.
>> Hand-tuned asm may be faster, but not by much. You'd have to
>> have a very skilled asm coder to beat a compiler these days.
>> It's simply not worth it for projects where time to delivery is important.
>> But for learning how a computer works, it's a very good thing. I used
>> to write asm many years ago, and it has given me a good understanding
>> of how computers operate. So I think you should pursue it, if it's
>> of interest to you.
>> (Oh, and C is a low level language.)
>> -- 
>> Odd
> i actually worked on some drivers in my course lab, and they were
> exclusively written in assembly. And the books 
> we were referred to, most of them were old aged books which talk about
> 8086/80186 based microcomputers and DOS. but there was a book which
> covered intel p4 microprocessor and had a section about 64 bit
> architecture(The Intel microprocessor-Bary B brey,pearson education).
> and it had its last edition on 2006. this book actually took assembly
> very seriously and showd many "under the hood" OS application. and by
> studying that i do believe that assembly language still has quiet a bite
> when it comes to interfacing hardware. only problem was the book was
> completely dedicated to windows. in the class-room we also taught
> everything in windows environment with very ugly DOS system calls. since
> than i'm very curious to import my understanding of processors to unix
> environment. in the local book-store i could buy only one book about
> assembly language in linux environment(its a poor country, so finding
> the books which are not usually taught at the university is very
> difficult). And that book was kind of elementary ,featuring very simple
> asm with nasm. whatever i just wanted to find a right programming tools
> and related information to start asm in the OS i love. 
> i'm facing difficulties with "_asm" blocks embedded in native "c" codes.
> because popular IDE's like netbeans does not have a module like "MFC" in
> MS VC++. i know by issuing the right gcc options it can be done more
> efficiently than MS VC++. but it would be real help if i could use an
> IDE. and also the related information about assembler in UNIX.   
Linux Assembly Language Programming
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub. Date: 2000/07/20

Perhaps this would be helpful in your search.


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