Assembly language programming in unix environment

Odd iodine at
Sun Sep 20 16:40:00 UTC 2009

Jay Daniels wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-09-20 at 12:49 +0530, freeburn wrote:
>> i've been using netbeans for c/c++/java/python/php. I've just completed
>> a course on microprocessor and assembly language. in my university we
>> were taught using assembly with c/c++ in MS visual C++. we were
>> basically taught various DOS application using assembly/c/c++. 
> assembly a waste of time unless you want to disassemble and hack
> proprietary windows software.

The OP didn't come here to be told it's a waste of time. Unless
you have something constructive to contribute, I suggest you
keep your opinions to yourself.


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