Assembly language programming in unix environment

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> i've been using netbeans for c/c++/java/python/php. I've just completed
> a course on microprocessor and assembly language. in my university we
> were taught using assembly with c/c++ in MS visual C++. we were
> basically taught various DOS application using assembly/c/c++. but as i
> dont actually give a damn about Windoze, i wanna learn assembly language
> in unix environment. which programming environment should i use(cause
> netbeans can't handle c/c++ codes with "_asm" blocks, and i dont have
> much experience with gcc command line options.) . what about  "nasm "?
> can it handle _asm blocks in c/c++ codes or it jsut a pure assembler
> like MASM.
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30+ years ago I fell in love with the IBM 360 assembly language.  Compared
to the COBOL then used by most business programmers, it was amazingly
powerful.  If it could be done by a computer, I could write it.

However, there is a reason that little is written in assembly language
today.  Linux itself is written in C/C++ because those languages are as
expressive as assembly language without the limitations of processor
specificity and with a treasure trove of standardized re-usable code
libraries.  Linux has the advantage of running on multiple processor
families and with both 32 and 64-bit addressing.  Assembly language code is
too processor-specific.
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