How can I reinstall in Ubuntu an uninstalled netword card by a Windows program

Fred Roller froller at
Sun Sep 20 02:34:03 BST 2009

Francois Huot wrote:
> HI,
> A Windows program unistalled my network card and, conseequently, I was 
> unabled to acccess Internet. I reinstalled the card with Material 
> manager in Windows, but I would have liked to do that with Ubuntu... 
> what could I have done?
> Thanks
> François
We would need to know your set up and a bit more information on the 
errors.  Are you dual booting?  Which Ubuntu?  Type of network card?

Assuming you are dual booting then a windows program in a windows OS 
would not affect the ubuntu partition because windows cannot read the 
file system.  This being the case then your network card /should/ be 
fine.  Again, just an assumption without more info.


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