Ubuntu Full Fram Viodeo Viewer

Joshua Demallistre pookito at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 16:31:24 UTC 2009

Max Freitag wrote:

Another way of doing it is going to the /tmp folder and find the temp flv 
file.  The name will be scramble, if you take it out of that folder and then 
add the ".flv" extention, you will be able to play it on VLC or another 
media player.  


> Hello,
> i use a Firefox-Plugin (DownloadHelper) to download (and convert) youtube
> videos and this files can be shown with all Players for Linux, also in
> fullscreen.
> Max
> Am Freitag, 18. September 2009 03:06:22 schrieb Mark C. Miller:
>> I'm a classroom teacher with a dual boot Windows/Ubuntu system.  I have
>> several short videos from You tube (Huck Finn in 4 minutes is great!).
>> When I can get them to work at all in Ubuntu (which is rare), the picture
>> size is restricted. If I show them in Windows XP I get a full frame
>> reproduction through Windows Media Player. On the Ubuntu side I've
>> tried:  xine, vlc media player, MPlayer Movie Player, and movie player.
>> Is there another player for Ubuntu 9.04 (soon to be 9.10) that will
>> handle flv and/or mpeg files and display them full screen a'la Windows?
>> tnx
>> mcm
>> --
>> Mark C. Miller

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