Problem In Installing Jaunty and Karmic

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Sat Sep 12 17:40:47 UTC 2009

This problem occured when I tried to install Ubuntu (and Xubuntu) on my
aged laptop (a HI-GRADE Model 332).

When I try to load in the live cd it gives this message:

[    0.152001] ..MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC
[    0.168001] Kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work!
  Boot with apic=debug and send a report. Then try booting with the
  'noapic' option.

Send apic=debug report to whom?

I can boot with the 'noapic' option from the livecd, and it loads fine,
but when I then try to install Ubuntu, I get the same message.  Anybody
know what the problem is likely to be? Age of my laptop?

Anyway, how do I get round this problem, so I can install Ubuntu on my

Graham Todd

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