Installing new ubuntu, keeping /home partition

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Thu Sep 10 16:18:36 UTC 2009

On Thu, 10 Sep 2009 16:35:41 +0100
Colin Law <clanlaw at> wrote:

> Hi
> I have a dual boot setup using grub with XP and ubuntu.
> I am currently on 8.10 and wish to try 9.04 without burning my boats
> so I wish to install it but keep 8.10 working till I have confirmed
> that 9.04 is ok for me.  I have /home in a separate partition and I
> have a spare partition to install 9.04 into.  Am I right in thinking
> that I should be able to install 9.04 and have it use the home
> partition that I already have, and that I should be able to boot into
> either ubuntu (or XP) as I wish?
> If so I am ready to do the install (from the standard 9.04 CD), is
> there anything I have to watch out for when doing this?  Is it obvious
> how to tell it to use the existing home partition without overwriting
> it?
> I have googled but not found quite what I need.
> Colin
What you have planned is just exactly what I have done since Warty
Warthog (4.10).  It has worked well for me although Windows isn't part
of the mix.  One thing I had trouble with is that Jaunty's GRUB didn't
like to see my other Ubuntu boot partitions.  I still am having trouble
with that and must resort to the SuperGRUB disk.

When you install be sure that you know exactly which partition is
your /home and disallow formatting on it.

Cybe R. Wizard
When Windows are opened the bugs come in.

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