FW: Initramfs and unable to run or load Ubuntu to my HD

Ken Warwick kenwarwick at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 9 02:20:12 UTC 2009

Hello Karl,

My machine is: 
A PC Clone
OS:None yet-I am trying to install Ubuntu 9:04 MB:Asus P3V133 RAM:1536M
BIOS: Award Modular v6.0
Proc:Intel Pentium IIIE, 700MHZ
HD:Maxwell 250GB
Video card: 3DBX VOODOO
Monitor: Samsung 204T
KB:Standard USA

I didn't try a new partition because my Ubuntu will not load and give me
access to the partitioning tool.
I did however try three different empty HDs.
These 2 methods did not work.

I downloaded the 32 bit Desktop VS of Ubuntu from the Ubuntu site.
I used ISO Recorder to download it.
The file name is:ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso
After I did the checksum and it matched I just closed checksum.

I have RAM:1536M

I thought I had done everything you asked me to.
Sorry if I missed something.
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Ken Warwick wrote:
> ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com
> Hello,
> I am a newbie to Ubuntu.
> I have been trying to load Ubuntu 9:04 for 3 weeks now.
> Ist I tried an upgrade from 8:10.
> All I got from that was a black blank screen.
	Yes I recall that. I suggested you try to load 9.04 in a new
You never did that.

> Then I put in a new HD-in fact I have tried several HDs.
	A new Hard Drive is a new partition. I assume it still did not work.

> The I tried a download to CD which I have verified using checksum etc.

	Tell us about your new CD. Which version of 9.04 did you download?
What software did you load this .iso file to a CD with?

	The checksum you saw when you booted the CD. After you did the
checksum what happened?

> I have changed HDs, cables, pulled the computer apart in pieces to check
> hardware.
> I can run PCLinux off of its CD but I can't run Ubuntu.

	It makes me think your 9.04 LiveCD is broken, or, you didn't d/l a

> I cannot get 9:04 to run off the CD, nor can I get the CD to load 9:04 on
> HD.
> I have tried reading the Ubuntu FAQ, forum historical questions and
> I can find on Ubuntu.
> When I try to load or install 9:04 or any other Ubuntu vs. now, all I get
> the Ubuntu installation screen and after 
> it works for a while it goes to "initramfs".
> I have looked this up in Ubuntu, on the web and everywhere else I can find
> it and am still out to lunch on what is happening here.
> I have tried the help feature in initramfs but all it gives me is a page
> commands. I tried looking them up to no avail.
> I have yet to find an explanation of initramfs that I can make sense of. 
> I have the definition but I still cannot figure out what it does exactly. 
> My question is how do I get by this initramfs stage/error/???? and
> with loading 9:04?

	You should never have stopped. I think you might have too little RAM
support Ubuntu. How much RAM do you have? I think it takes about 450 
KBytes minimum to support Ubuntu.

> What is the problem here?
> Is it a SW or HW problem?

	It is 100% a hardware problem.

> What is "initramfs" or where can I get a common sense explanation of it;
> i.e., how I move on from here?
> Thank you, any help on this will be greatly  appreciated.
> Ken

	I have tried to help you but you never do what I ask. If this
this time it will be the last.


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