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Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 8 09:14:54 UTC 2009

On Mon, 07 Sep 2009 14:45:35 -0400
Michael Comperchio <mcmprch at gmail.com> wrote:
> and something else, can anyone tell me how to have T'Bird keep it's
> data on my NTFS drive so that I can have the same stuff in T'Bird not
> matter which side I have to boot to?

The simplest way, if your mail providers support it, is to use IMAP.
You'll still fetch the same mail, but the read status will be updated
between them.

I've seen this question asked a few times, and never seen a solution
besides that. Extensions, themes, signatures would still need to be
individually configured on each one.

Avi Greenbury
http://aviswebsite.co.uk ;)

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