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On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 2:45 PM, Michael Comperchio <mcmprch at gmail.com>wrote:

> I'm going bats! I have a Lenovo G550. Works great. Installed Ubuntu, not
> problems with anything .... until.... I acquired a second monitor... HP
> w1907. It works great under ...er... windows... Get a dual display with
> extended desktop and different and appropriate resolutions... under
> Ubuntu I have issues (Mobil intel 4 series express chipset family). Both
> Gnome and KDE just do want to work well with dual display. I can get
> extended desktop, but the laptop screen is 'shrunk' to the same
> resolution as the external display.... I dunno how better to explain
> this, at this point I'm just frustrated.... I shouldn't be, everything
> else has worked great so far! I really don't want to have to boot to
> windows on my desk, and get to use KDE everywhere else!
> and something else, can anyone tell me how to have T'Bird keep it's data
> on my NTFS drive so that I can have the same stuff in T'Bird not matter
> which side I have to boot to?
> Thanks you great and awesome penguins...
> Michael Comperchio
> mcmprch at gmail.com
> 860 480 8695
> Mike
Can you post the settings you have in the dual display setup? I have a
64-bit server running with dual-displays (a Dell 19" and a 52" plasma TV)
both running with different res and it works fine.


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