Dual Monitors...

Michael Comperchio mcmprch at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 18:45:35 UTC 2009

I'm going bats! I have a Lenovo G550. Works great. Installed Ubuntu, not 
problems with anything .... until.... I acquired a second monitor... HP 
w1907. It works great under ...er... windows... Get a dual display with 
extended desktop and different and appropriate resolutions... under 
Ubuntu I have issues (Mobil intel 4 series express chipset family). Both 
Gnome and KDE just do want to work well with dual display. I can get 
extended desktop, but the laptop screen is 'shrunk' to the same 
resolution as the external display.... I dunno how better to explain 
this, at this point I'm just frustrated.... I shouldn't be, everything 
else has worked great so far! I really don't want to have to boot to 
windows on my desk, and get to use KDE everywhere else!

and something else, can anyone tell me how to have T'Bird keep it's data 
on my NTFS drive so that I can have the same stuff in T'Bird not matter 
which side I have to boot to?

Thanks you great and awesome penguins...

Michael Comperchio
mcmprch at gmail.com
860 480 8695

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