Vista kills Ubuntu wireless

Fred Roller froller at
Fri Sep 4 02:35:27 UTC 2009

Young wrote:
> I just got my first laptop (Dell Studio 1737), and wanted to do it up 
> right with Ubuntu. Before I even let Vista run, I forced it to boot 
> from the Ubuntu 9.04 i386 live CD and it *worked fine, including the 
> wireless*. So I, of course, think I'm home free.
> I used GParted to repartition the hard drive for Vista, /, swap, 
> /home, and a second NTFS partition for shared files.
> Next, I let Vista boot, and it didn't seem to be happy with the 
> repartition, but it eventually finished the initialization, and after 
> multiple reboots it seems to *run fine, including the wireless*.
> Then, I booted from the Ubuntu live CD again and installed Ubuntu. 
> When I finally boot into Ubuntu off the hard drive, *the wireless will 
> not work*.
> I then boot from the live CD, and *the wireless will not work*.
> I boot back into Vista and the *wireless works fine*.
> Multiple iterations, same results.
> Where do I start?
> Will 64 bit fix this? How about using the Alternate Install CD?
> I hope you guys can help. I haven't been able to find anything via 
> Google.
> *
> *
Don't know if this may pertain specifically, but may be worth a look:

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Vista is the cause and that the 
problem resides in the use of an outdated router. "An outdated network 
router may not function correctly when you use it together with new 
networking features in Windows Vista," informed Microsoft. In some 
cases, the network router will stop functioning completely and require a 


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