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Thu Sep 3 04:50:09 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 02 September 2009 7:31:39 am Amedee Van Gasse (Ubuntu) wrote:
> On Tue, September 1, 2009 16:44, Pastor JW wrote:
> > On Tuesday 01 September 2009 5:44:05 am Derek Broughton wrote:
> >> And anyway, I was never an English major - it just isn't that hard to
> >> have
> >> language skills above and beyond that usually taught in Canadian and
> >> American schools.
> >
> > ...And then we get to basic geography, on which continent do you suppose
> > Canada to be?  ...Or Mexico for that matter?  How many American countries
> > are
> > there anyway?  :)
> Do the states of the United States of America count as countries too? How
> about the states of Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil? For me, a state is
> synonymous for a country.

No, the states of the United States are not countries and belong to one 
sovereign country called United States which in turn is one of the many 
countries of America.  Mexico is another, as is Brazil, Venezuela, etc.  As 
you were likely taught there are six continents like every where in the world 
except the American continent, you would likely say there are 31 American 
countries.  If on the other hand you were taught there are seven continents, 
you would say there are 13 South American countries and 18 North American 
countries.  Well, ...you may not want to count Canada as they were ruled by 
Great Britain so long they seem believe them selves a European country so 
only 17 North American countries according to them!  (Where they invited to 
the Pan American games?)   I guess quite a few Canadians still believe they 
are not an independent sovereign country and so are really NOT an American 
country like the rest of the countries in America.  Or maybe following the 
seemingly current Canadian logic, the only European country is France!  
Quebec always seems on the verge of seceding anyway. So now are we to 
history?  ;)


I don't think this thread any longer has any SATA information of interest so, 

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