Vista kills Ubuntu wireless

Young tuxman at
Thu Sep 3 03:20:47 UTC 2009

Young wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 09/02/2009 05:49 PM, Young wrote:
>> ...
>>> I'm downloading the 64 bit version now, so I think I'll try to get it 
>>> installed before I continue working on this.
>>> I was reading about wicd and it looks pretty good, I think I'll switch 
>>> to it, even if this new install works.
>>> Mark
>> You can install the 64-bit version if you wish, but I suspect that
>> installing 64-bit will not resolve the basic wifi setup you need to do
>> to get your wifi running.  You'll also likely also run into 64-bit
>> issues as shown in the archives on this list (flash, etc).
>> I'd recommend that you get the wifi & other bits working in 32-bit with
>> the existing install first & then if you wish to reinstall w/64-bit do
>> so. Afterall if you are going to trash the 32-bit install anyway, now is
>> a very good time to experiment away.
> Too late, I already started.
> As for the 64 bit issue, I've been using the 64 bit version of 8.04 
> for over a year on a homebuilt desktop without any real issues. I 
> guess it matters which programs you're partial to, and what you expect 
> from them.
> I didn't really plan to use the 32 bit version anyway. It was just a 
> matter of having a new toy :)
> I'll let you know soon how it goes. The install is just finishing.
> Mark
Installed all 219 updates, and rebooted.

The Network Manager Applet sees the wireless router and I get to log in 
with the password, and then it just doesn't work.

I think that's enough for today. Tomorrow I'll try wicd.


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