Vista kills Ubuntu wireless

Young tuxman at
Wed Sep 2 18:13:01 UTC 2009

I just got my first laptop (Dell Studio 1737), and wanted to do it up 
right with Ubuntu. Before I even let Vista run, I forced it to boot from 
the Ubuntu 9.04 i386 live CD and it *worked fine, including the 
wireless*. So I, of course, think I'm home free.

I used GParted to repartition the hard drive for Vista, /, swap, /home, 
and a second NTFS partition for shared files.

Next, I let Vista boot, and it didn't seem to be happy with the 
repartition, but it eventually finished the initialization, and after 
multiple reboots it seems to *run fine, including the wireless*.

Then, I booted from the Ubuntu live CD again and installed Ubuntu. When 
I finally boot into Ubuntu off the hard drive, *the wireless will not work*.
I then boot from the live CD, and *the wireless will not work*.

I boot back into Vista and the *wireless works fine*.
Multiple iterations, same results.

Where do I start?
Will 64 bit fix this? How about using the Alternate Install CD?

I hope you guys can help. I haven't been able to find anything via Google.


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