nagios or better

Mario Spinthiras spinthiras.mario at
Thu Sep 3 19:55:59 UTC 2009

First off I think nagios is a horrible experience to configure. Its all
hierachical and all text file hell. Too manual for today's flow in the IT

If you want something fancy for your needs but not too particularly
functional for other monitoring needs, I would suggest Zabbix (ubuntu
packages available). However don't expect a million bucks worth of a
monitoring system in Zabbix. It's good enough though.

If you want the top notch stuff with all the bells and whistles, I would go
(and I did on many occasions) with Zenoss. Zenoss also handles nagios
plugins so you can put use those to setup the monitoring of the TCP services
you mentioned. It also does everything else you can imagine including
performance monitoring and what not. They threw much in this monitoring
system (including the kitchen sink). But don't expect a million bucks out of
it either.

Personally I opt for zenoss but I do have faith in zabbix for the future.

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