MSI: Don't buy our webcam

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Sep 2 14:19:20 UTC 2009

2009/9/2 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at>:
>> The link you provided in an earlier message:
>> has a UVC USB Video Class logo ...
> So it does! Yet there is no text mentioning that it is UVC compatible.
> I suppose that the page designers just decided to slap whatever
> stickers that they could on the page. Like the Honda Civic with NOS
> stickers...
> Armchair lawyers: If this webcam was purchased with the knowledge that
> it is UVC compliant (and it may well have been, that was one of the
> criteria I told her before she bought a camera), what can I do now
> that the camera is with me, in a country different than that in which
> it was purchased?

In the UK the contract is between the buyer and seller so the original
buyer would have to make the complaint.  If the buyer and seller were
in the UK and the goods do not match the advertised spec (UVC
compliant in this case) then the supplier would have to fix or
exchange the goods or refund the money.  Additionally, in the UK, if
the buyer did not receive satisfaction and the goods were purchased by
credit card, then the buyer can claim a refund from the credit card

It all gets more complicated if the purchase is across country
borders.  Generally, however, if the buyer uses a UK credit card
he/she can claim against the credit card company if all else fails.


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