Sound System Failure - Or Deaf Old Man...

Joseph ubuntu at
Wed Sep 2 12:22:12 UTC 2009

Andrew Farris wrote:
>> Joseph wrote:
> [snip]
>>>>>>>> I loaded the 8.04 and it suggested the new 9.04....    so I did.  I 
>>>>>>>> noticed that it does sounds for KNetWalk and a couple of other things, 
>>>>>>>> but when I play a YouTube video, it does nothing.  I had to load a 
>>>>>>>> program (I forget which one), so the videos would play...   I now can 
>>>>>>>> play the video, but there's still no sound, except for what sounds like 
>>>>>>>> a waterfall....
> what flash plugin are you using? open a firefox window, type in
> 'about:plugins' and scroll down to the section called "Shockwave Flash".
> The flash plugin you're using should be right down there.

Just this morning, I started up my system, and lo and behold, my sound 
was working....   At least it's now working with YouTube pages...   I 
tried an online live radio page,, and it wouldn't 
play....   any thoughts on this?  Could that be something in my Firefox?

Anyway, at least I have my sound on youtube working....   but I WOULD 
like it to do all that it's supposed to do.   :)

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