Mac look alike?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Nov 30 12:39:34 UTC 2009

> Yeah, at a former global based in Germany, the local head in Hong Kong
> once lost his temper for some reason and smashed his Thinkpad Tablet
> against the corner of something. He brought it back to me with a broken
> corner in the casing.
> Ordered the bottom part of the casing, took the thing apart and replaced
> and the thing was good as new. Everything else seemed to have taken the
> beating without fuss. I wonder how a Dell or an Acer would have fared
> with that kind of abuse. Not so sure about a Macbook though...

Thinkpads are tough:

I don't know about the oven, but the rest is plausible.

Dotan Cohen

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