Mac look alike?

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Mon Nov 30 10:27:49 UTC 2009

> Either way, I _know_ that apple and IBM hardware has tended to fare
> better in the environment I tend to put my laptops through than Acer
> or Dell. This might or might not be caused by the relative quality of
> their construction, but I'm not about to discount several years of
> experience on the basis of a single online survey, irrespective of
> the standing of its publisher.

Yeah, at a former global based in Germany, the local head in Hong Kong 
once lost his temper for some reason and smashed his Thinkpad Tablet 
against the corner of something. He brought it back to me with a broken 
corner in the casing.

Ordered the bottom part of the casing, took the thing apart and replaced 
and the thing was good as new. Everything else seemed to have taken the 
beating without fuss. I wonder how a Dell or an Acer would have fared 
with that kind of abuse. Not so sure about a Macbook though...

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