Mac look alike?

Odd iodine at
Sat Nov 28 16:03:43 UTC 2009

Chris Jones wrote:
> I know I said my last post would be my last... ;)
>> 30.000 machines. They service all brands. They make money from all.
>> Why should they lie? These are simple statistics.
> I never said they lie. Their results are valid as far as they apply
> to the small sample of machine they see. My point is the flaw with
> any survey is how accurate it is to then apply those results more
> generally. Without knowing more details on precisely the sorts of
> machines they get to service and the history of those machine, I
> personally would not trust any extrapolation of their results to any
> other sample then those they saw.

Like I said, these are simple statistics. Take them for what they
are, but 30.000 machines is a fairly good representation.


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