no sound playing DVD

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Mon Nov 23 02:21:40 UTC 2009

> There seem to be 3 applications installed that I am offered, I think 2 of
> them are mplayer, and vlc. The sound does not work on any of them.
> What else can I answer to help narrow down he places I need to look?
> --

I have had a problem a time or two with an application "typing up", for lack
of a better term  the sound system.  Mostly with some USB external speakers
with Songbird and then trying to play a video.  Have you tried killing the X
server under Section M. Miscellaneous Part B of the Eva list?  Have you
poked around Sound Preferences also?  YouTube work ok?  Have no real clue
but just throwing out some things to look at off the top of my head.

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