problems mounting file system at boot

Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Nov 19 14:46:27 UTC 2009

mierdatutis mi wrote:

> Hi,
> Sometimes when I boot the filesystem "COMPLETADAS" doesnt mount it. In
> dolphin doesn't shows me and in a terminal I get:

> I have in the fstab
> Code:
> .............
> ..........
> /dev/sdb5      /home/david/DESCARGAS  ntfs-3g
> /dev/sdc1      /home/david/COMPLETADAS ntfs-3g
> /dev/sda3      /home/david/auxiliar  ext3   defaults,user,auto 0 0
> With Jaunty I dont have any problem, could you help me please?

1) Do you never have this problem with DESCARGAS?
2) If you do "sudo mount -a" does it always mount, or do you still have a 
3) What sort of devices are they?  Are they internal or external?

My wild guess would be that you have shut down your system without umounting 
COMPLETADAS (marking the ntfs filesystem as dirty, and requiring it to run 
either scandisk or fsck before it can be mounted).

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