problems mounting file system at boot

mierdatutis mi mmm286 at
Wed Nov 18 21:19:30 UTC 2009

Sometimes when I boot the filesystem "COMPLETADAS" doesnt mount it. In
dolphin doesn't shows me and in a terminal I get:

ls -ltr

d????????? ? ?     ?         ?                ? COMPLETADAS

david at david:~/COMPLETADAS$ ls -tlr
ls: leyendo el directorio .: Error de entrada/salida
total 0
david at david:~/COMPLETADAS$

I have in the fstab

/dev/sdb5      /home/david/DESCARGAS  ntfs-3g
/dev/sdc1      /home/david/COMPLETADAS ntfs-3g
/dev/sda3      /home/david/auxiliar  ext3   defaults,user,auto 0 0

With Jaunty I dont have any problem, could you help me please?
Many thanks and sorry for my english!
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