Strange files (probably linux virus?) found in flash drives

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at
Thu Nov 19 09:02:10 UTC 2009

On Wed, November 18, 2009 22:33, arshad wrote:
> hi all,
> i mounted my flash drive in two different points. and if i access the
> drive through each point i see strange two files in each point. screen
> shot added. please tell me what the problem is:
> at point one:
> at point two:


I'm sorry but I didn't see any screen shot.
You should know that I read the mails in Squirrelmail, and it presents
them as text-only. So if your screen shots were attached, I'd have to take
an extra action and I just cannot be bothered. Please make it easy for me
to help you.

The best thing that you can do, is upload your screenshots to one of the
free image sharing websites. I often use Twitpic, but any other will do.

It is also nice to give an indication of file size. Some Ubuntu users live
in 3rd world countries with slow dialup links.

Could you do an "ls" on the flash drives? Go to a console and type:

ls -al /media/flash

Substitute /media/flash with your actual mount point.
Reply to this list with the result. If the result is too big, (use common
sense) then put it on (or any other pastebin site). Clean up
for privacy sensitive stuff.

Next, do a "file" on the suspicious file. This is to determine the file type:

file /media/file/suspicious_file

Post back to the list.

Next, do a "cat" on the file to see what is inside:

cat /media/flash/suspicious_file

If the output is all gobblygook, ignore it. But if it is readable plain
text, report back.

That's all the info that I need for now.
It's very unlikely that you have a linux virus.

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