Need help trouble-shooting boot mess.

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Nov 17 23:15:43 UTC 2009

On 11/16/2009 10:31 PM, David Armour wrote:
> NoOp <glgxg <at>> writes:
>> > 3. Look for a USB Keyboard setting in the BIOS menus and if available
>> > select so that it does not depend on the OS. I forget what the exact
>> > menu is, but if you poke in around BIOS you should be able to find it.
>> > Don't change anything else, only the USB keyboard setting!. Save and
> I think the recently-solved problem with the keyboard on my second machine may
> have blinded me to the possibility that the keyboard on this machine might also
> have headed south for the winter! It's a bit younger, I think, although I don't
> actually remember how I got it now, which suggests that it's older than I tend
> to think of it as. Currently, this house could qualify as a home for aging
> computers; my wife's power supply seems to have kicked the bucket this evening!
> Threes, right?
> Thanks v. much for your help.

I still think you might want to look in the bios settings, as you'd
mentioned that it works for everything except for grub. Also, recommend
you test it on a different usb port - preferably a back usb port rather
than one in front of the machine. You might be surprised; front/extended
usb ports generally are sensitive to electrical noise.

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