JRE And Ubuntu

Leonard lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 16 17:08:52 UTC 2009

Jatin Davey wrote:
> Hi all
> I have five questions:
> 1. Does the default ubuntu 9.10 download include JRE when we download
> the .iso files from a peer-to-peer network client like utorrent ?

Don't know about the iso for sure but the normal repos do.  Aptitude 
search jre list several renditions including Sun.

> 2. If not which version of JRE can be installed without any issues on
> Ubuntu 9.10 ?

icedtea-6-jre-cacao and sevral other related jre apps are installed by 
default on my karmic.  I have installed manually sun-java6-jre which 
works fine and shows up on my browsers about:plugins. If there is a 
dependency issue apt/aptitude should take care of it.

> 3. After installing JRE on ubuntu 9.10 how do i check whether it is
> installed or not ?

aptitude show <pkg name of jre you installed> or even aptitude search 
<pkg name> would show if it is installed.  You could also use any apt 
related gui(synaptic, etc) and search for it.  This is pretty basic 
Debian/Ubuntu Linux which you should know unless this is your first 
venture into Debian based Linux.

> 4. After installation where would normally get installed on a linux OS ,
> It is under "Program Files" normally under windows OS ?

It should show up in the system/applications menu in either gnome or 
kubuntu-desktop.  Do "locate jre"(without quotes) from the command line 
to see all the folders(dir) that have jre in the path.  There will be 
many.  You appear to be a windoze user just starting out in Ubuntu 
linux, if so, calling attention to that fact may get you more useful, 
explicit help.

> 5. Does the CD have JRE in it ? Just want to make sure before
> downloading it.
Im pretty sure it dose and you can verify by reading the CD's folders or 
going to the download site and looking at the files contained in the iso 
file.  You have nothing to worry about regarding jre.  Just download the 
live CD or alternate CD iso, install Ubuntu and enjoy. It is advisable 
that you read up on howto install Ubuntu using the iso file
and howto make an iso image on a CD before attempting to actually 
install K(U)buntu.  Many newcomers don't know how to make(burn) an iso 
image to a CD(DVD) or burn it at too fast a speed causing errors in the 
burning process.  A little study before hand will save you some 
headaches.  HTH,
> Thanks
> Jatin

lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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