Possible to save a complete thread?

HermanAA hermanaa at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 09:13:22 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 02:57 -0600, Andrew Farris wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 15:11 +0800, HermanAA wrote:
> > I do save some of the good info on this list. It takes too much time.
> > Is it possible to save an entire thread in one go?
> > I use Evolution (default setup) in Ubuntu 8.10.
> yes. To do this in evolution select a message in the thread you want to
> save, hit "ctrl+H" to select the entire thread, then "right-click > Save
> As" and Evolution will save the entire thread in a plain-text file as
> you see it, with the header information separating the messages.
> You can do this with individual messages too...just skip the 'ctrl+h'
> step.
> > Saving an entire thread in one go (all the text, delete the chaff
> > manually) would be a big time-saver.
> Agreed. Alternatively, you could also just copy the thread name, and the
> date, and save that someplace, then search the online archives if you
> ever need the info.... though sometimes its still good to have a local
> copy.
> > For my reading I filter on subject, then 'read' each message in the
> > thread.
> you should switch to threaded mode by checking the "View > [ ] Group by
> Threads" box (or hit ctrl+T). It makes following threads of conversation
> clearer.
> > To save a thread I now (for each message) 'select all text' and 'copy'
> > and save using gedit.
> Hopefully the "right-click > Save As" will save you a bit of time :)
> to trim out all the crap, you could even write a little script to
> process the file with after saving... might be a little more work, but
> might be a fun project too.

Thanks Andrew ! (great answer!)
I am going to check out every way you indicated.
 (lack of time to check-things-out/research is a serious problem here)

Herman in Philippines.

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