Is 9.10 a black eye for Ubuntu?

Steve Lamb grey at
Sun Nov 15 07:21:23 UTC 2009

wcj9996 wrote:
> Black eye?  I don't think so.  Anyone ever try to update from Win-98 to
> Vista?

     Hardly a fair comparison.  That would be, what, 9 years between the two 
instead of 6 months?  A better comparison would be to upgrade from Debian 2.2 
(potato)* to Ubuntu 9.10.  ;)

* Debian 2.2 Potato (15 August 2000): Named for "Mr Potato Head" in the movie. 
This release added support for the PowerPC and ARM architectures. With Wichert 
still serving as Project Leader, this release consisted of more than 3900 
binary packages derived from over 2600 source packages maintained by more than 
450 Debian developers.

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