weird folder with ms printer drivers in my home folder

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Nov 11 08:59:59 UTC 2009

2009/11/11 Vitorio Okio <ovitorio at>:
> All at a sudden I've found a strange folder in /home on my Jaunty.
> The folder is using apparently random 30 digits number for its name.  It
> contains 2 sub-folders: /amd64 and /i386.  Each of those in their turn
> contains a bunch of same files: several .dll's, .cat, .gpd, and .inf
> files.  According to a time stamp the folder is about couple of months
> old.
> The .inf file in each mentioned above sub-folders suggests that these are
> files for "Microsoft system driver files for XPSDrv print drivers."

Could they have been put there temporarily by something, with the
intention of removing them after installing them wherever they were
supposed to go, but then they failed to get deleted for some reason?
Do any of the files exist anywhere else on the machine?


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