Yup, Karmic is somewhat of a disaster

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Mon Nov 9 23:22:49 UTC 2009

And no, I'm not complaining about some bug that wrecked my install or
upgrade.  At least that part seems to be really smooth.

But the new gnome is a wasteland.  Many components have been updated
that are not close to being ready for prime time.  Some examples:

GDM - lots of threads already about how hard it is to control the face
browser.  What about enabling xdmcp, or disabling suspend/hybernate on
systems where does might cause trouble? (without remove the shutdown
buttons entirely, though that might be the best option).  GDM was
completely replaced, but no framework or gui was put in place for
configuration, and documentation is well hidden.

Same thing with configuring sounds.. don't like the sound theme?  turn
all sounds off.

And last on my discovery, policykit was replaced with a new framework,
but no gui configuration tool whatsoever.  Want to control what users
have permission to do what?  get your text editor out.

Not much to be done about any of these.  It's painfully obvious to me
that the new gnome and many of it's components weren't close to ready
for non-developer release, but for Ubuntu's release schedule, the only
option would have been to hold back all of gnome, which would probably
defeat the purpose of a release entirely.


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