Whoever gave NM a keyring

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 9 03:59:26 UTC 2009

On 11/07/2009 03:13 PM, Pastor JW wrote:
> On Saturday 07 November 2009 1:27:19 pm NoOp wrote:
>> When you file a bug report you are doing two things: 1) notifying the
>> developers that you have found (what you believe to be) a problem that
>> should be resolved, and 2) basically agreeing to assist in helping to
>> resolve the bug by providing information/feedback to the
>> developer/person(s) working on _your_ issue.
>> If you are simply going to file a bug report in a 'hit & run' fashion,
>> then I'd recommend that you not file one at all.
> Exactly why most people refrain from making a bug report in the first place,  
> Besides the fact it takes too long to do, you are supposed to drop all the 
> work you are doing and make your computer into a testbed which may or may not 
> lose all your information for you.  Then you get to try to install your 
> unusable backups and get to do a new install and spend the next few months 
> trying to get somewhat back to where you were.  What most users do instead is 
> say, "that distro sucks" and go somewhere else where things DO work.  This is 
> exactly what I did coming here from Mandriva!  Bug reports should be made 
> easier to do and the failing program should be able to give a meaningful 
> backtrace if crashing.  

Then don't file one. Nobody is asking you to make your computer into a
testbed, just provide reasonable feedback to questions asked regarding
the bug that you file.

However keep in mind that this is an *opensource* linux distribution &
project. So any additional feedback/help that you can provide regarding
your issue is certainly appreciated by the developers and other users.
If you've found another solution after filing the initial bug report,
and no longer wish to pursue it, then have the courtesy of saying so in
the report and move on. Otherwise, other folks attracted to the issue
may keep trying to help & waste their time in the process not realizing
that you could care less. Similar to people posting questions on this
list & never having the courtesy to reply and/or respond back that
they've resolved the issue (either from a list post or some other

You downloaded & installed the OS and applications for free. You use
them for free. Yet you complain that it takes too much
effort/time/whatever to file a bug and assist in troubleshooting the bug.

In the same hand you don't mind posting your issues here and asking
others for help, do you?
  When others try to help you and ask you to "try this, try that" do you
find that it also takes too much time out of your busy schedule to test
and/or respond back?

If you are not willing to participate in that fashion, then just follow
along, and/or use commercial support. You *do* know how to find
commercial support for Ubuntu don't you?

NM crashes on startup for me almost everytime the
> machine is booted for the last two months.  The backtrace evidently does not 
> give any information as to why as I have heard nothing.

And your bug report url is?

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