connection problem :-(

hevien hevien at
Sun Nov 8 18:33:27 UTC 2009

hello to all, this is the summary of my problem: I use ubutnu 8.04 with
d-link 2640b router. since some weeks ago it was all ok, the connection
worked fine, succeeded connecting ubuntu also to wireless... since some
weeks ago, after pc suddenly shutted down for lack of current, both wireless
and ethernet stopped to works! but the connection icon in the top right bar
is already on, always on start-up! the wireless light of my laptop is always
alight at startup, so it seems ubuntu try to automatically connect to the
wirelless net, but with the wrong address... :-( how to restore default
setting? maybe something was broken after sudden shut-down? sorry for my
english I hope you have understood ;-)
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