Brasero won't copy a CD Solved!

Graham Watkins at
Sat Nov 7 10:01:25 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 10/15/2009 11:20 AM, Graham Watkins wrote:
>> Evening all,
>> I just tried to copy a music CD using Brasero - something that has never 
>> given me any trouble before.  However 2 attempts left me with something 
>> containing only one track and was unplayable both in my hi-fi and my 
>> computer.   I therefore decided to try another tack and tried to create 
>> a new CD using tracks off of the original.  Brasero gave me the message 
>> "Track 1.wav could not be handled by GStreamer. Make sure the 
>> appropriate codec is installed"   Any idea what the appropriate codec 
>> might be?  I have all the usual GStreamer stuff installed.
>> I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 and the Brasero version is 2.26.1.
>> I've converted the CD to MP3s and I'm going to try and burn those but I 
>> don't consider this a permanent satisfactory solution.
> Graham, just noticed in today's proposed updates for karmic:
> brasero (2.28.2-0ubuntu1) karmic-proposed; urgency=low
>   * New upstream version: (LP: #458709)
>     - Data project: multiple file rename do not work
>     - Remember volume title
>     - Crash when launching with -e option
>     - brasero crashed with SIGSEGV in
>       brasero_burn_session_set_image_output_full() (LP: #449644)
>     - Make burning audio cds with brasero work (LP: #459103)
> But wait... there's more!
> <quote>
> Pedro Villavicencio  wrote on 2009-10-30:  	  #5
> This is not working fine, The option to burn a cd with rhythmbox now
> works, yes, but only the first track of the playlist is burned into the
> cd, the others are just ignored.
> </quote>
Hi NoOp and everyone,

I'd left this problem alone for a while.  I had found out that it was a 
recognised bug with no solution at the time.  I had wondered whether the 
system mounting audio cds as though they were data cds was connected to 
the problem and it may have been.  Today I inserted an audio cd, it was 
mounted showing wav files and I again got the message in rhythmbox:

DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Mountpoint Already 

I unmounted it and found I was then able to load the tracks into 
rhythmbox and play them (though I do prefer Audacious).

I then opened Brasero and making sure the source cd remained unmounted, 
I commenced to copy it to another CD.  This was successful.  I am 
listening to it as I type.  (Buck 65 with Symphony Nova Scotia if anyone 

However, since my original post, I have upgraded to 9.10 and I note that 
a couple of days ago the updates included a new version of Brasero.   
How far the solving of the problem is due to the upgrading and updating 
and how much due to my workaround, I'm not really sure as yet.

Still, all's well that ends well.  Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.



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