9.10 is a black eye for Ubuntu

Matt Brown mbrown7776 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 16:35:35 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
>> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>> thomas wrote:
>>>> Ray, it is good that you had a trouble free experience.
>>>> But, most of us did not.
>>> What a thoroughly ridiculous statement.  Even of the people who post
>>> here - and the ones who post about the upgrade will generally be the
>>> ones who have problems - there's no evidence that "most" of us had
>>> trouble.
>> I think it depends on the definition of "us". We (you and me and many
>> others) are obviously not part of "us". :)
> You've hit the nail on the head.
> I realize how frustrating it is for the odd user when something breaks, but 
> I maintain Ubuntu's record is vastly better than some other OSes (including 
> most other Linux distros), and that Karmic's is at least as good as any of 
> the last three releases.  For Kubuntu, it's the cleanest release since 2007.

I really hope all the people who are having problems are opening bugs 
for them to make the distro better and allow the Devs to be aware that 
there are issues (From the news they should be, but being more specific 
then it is broken helps). Also I have to defend Ubuntu, it is very 
clean, runs on just about anything, and if easy to install and maintain. 
I agree they should not have just advertised the latest and greatest the 
way they did there were too many big changes in 9.10 to just ship it 
quick. I have it running on two machines clean installs without issue. I 
tested the betas on my main development machine and had issues and 
opened bugs for them. Once the bugs are resolved I will update the dev 
machine as I finally rolled it back to 9.04 (reinstalled, everything is 
nfs and SAN so clean install is 30 minutes down maybe). I have had less 
issues with Ubuntu then anything except for Debian (which is Ubuntu's 
big brother). Redhat/Centos, slackware, gentoo, Suse, ArchLinux, and 
everything else out there that I have touched in the last 5 years have 
had one issue or another Ubuntu is no different they are trying to put 
the best product out there and convert people from Windows and other 
Linux platforms and are generally doing a good job.

Please open bugs and contribute to those that are thank you to those 
that aren't it is like complaining about politics then not voting 
(except voting really does not count we know that) opening bugs helps 
and the first time you do it lets you be a part of the community and I 
think that is what Ubuntu means.

my .2

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