Multiple Distros - One /home

Fred Roller froller at
Fri Nov 6 16:01:41 UTC 2009

Cristopher Thomas wrote:
> How much trouble would I be making for myself if I attempted to have a 
> shared /home partition for a dual boot of two separate distros?  Is 
> this even possible?

As long as you have seperate users for each build you should be able to 
set up the following (example):

    sda1 = /home

    sda2 = /      <- of build one
    sda3 = /      <- of build two

the seperate users would keep config files specific to the builds 
seperate.  This /could/ be done.  On the other hand you keep the data 
separate this way.  As Avi mentioned it might be better to have shared 
data partition instead:

    sda1 = /Data
    sda2 = /      <- of build one
    sda3 = /      <- of build two

then use the command "ln -s" to link directories to /Data
> Separate question:  is there documentation available that would tell 
> me how to go about moving my current /home to a separate partition?
> Thanks in advance,
> --Cris

Use a live cd to shrink and repartition your hard drive.  Move your data 
and mount the new partition to /home.


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