Multiple Distros - One /home

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Fri Nov 6 15:47:56 UTC 2009

2009/11/6 Cristopher Thomas <crisnoh at>:
> How much trouble would I be making for myself if I attempted to have a
> shared /home partition for a dual boot of two separate distros?  Is this
> even possible?
> Separate question:  is there documentation available that would tell me how
> to go about moving my current /home to a separate partition?
> Thanks in advance,
> --Cris

As many already said, there could be trouble. If you want to reach
your personal files from all the distros, I would create a separate
partition for it. I guess that partition could be mounted to your
$HOME in all the distros you install. If not, you could always create
a link for each distro to that partition.

Johnny Rosenberg

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