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Clint Tinsley wrote:
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>> 	I decided to learn how Network Manager (NM) works. I went to
>> Google and entered "ubuntu,networkmanager" and I got the usual
>> 10,000 hits.
>> 	Starting from the first I read the next 5 web pages and the
>> whole experience was similar to trying to get NM to work. But
>> I did get that NM is still in Beta stage. Also most people
>> were not able to get NM to do WiFi. The goal of the NM program
>> is to have NM always work with a wired Internet, and
>> automatically switch to WiFi when wired Internet is turned off.
>> 	Alas the WiFi part does not work.
> More evidence as to how badly broken Ubuntu 9.10 is.  I could not get wireless to work in 9.10 using the default NM installation.  The wireless lights show that the driver is working but no connectivity.  As to my earlier note, after tonight, 9.10 is a page in history until it the next releease, be it a .1 or .2.

	Here is my experiance with NM and WiFi. I replaced wcid with 
NM and reboot. It came up with a panel asking me to give the 
keyring the password. This was the first time I have seen 
keyring on 9.10.

	Of course I do not have a password so I hit deny 10 times and 
another panel came up. This one wants the router password. I 
entered that and the WiFi started working, but it was odd. I 
do not think the email I wrote on the laptop ever got to the list.

	Reboot and repeat all above. The keyring is the problem. How 
do you learn the password of the STUPID keyring???

73 Karl


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