Upgrading to Karmic Koala with squashfs filesystems

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Tue Nov 3 22:58:19 UTC 2009

On Tue, November 3, 2009 09:37, Amedee Van Gasse (ub) wrote:
> I want to give a reminder to anyone who is currently using a squashfs
> filesystem on Jaunty (or older) and who is considering an in-place upgrade
> to Karmic.
> Squashfs has jumped from version 3.x to version 4.x, and 4.x is *NOT*
> backwards compatible with the older version.
> You have two options:
> 1) before upgrade: unsquash your squashed filesystem, upgrade, reboot, and
> resquash with the new version of squashfs
> 2) after upgrade: boot from a 9.04 livecd or unetbootin'ed usb stick (you
> may need to do that anyway if you squashed something important like /usr),
> unsquash your squashed filesystem, reboot, resquash with the new version
> of squashfs
> I had to find this out the hard way: my netbook became unbootable because
> it couldn't mount my squashed /usr. Bytheway, is this worth filing a bug
> report on Launchpad?

For those of you that understand Dutch, I have documented my adventures
with squashfs on my blog:

For those of you who don't understand Dutch, you should be able to
understand most of it because all the errors and messages are in English.


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