why ubuntu 910 boot very slow?

John Scott fyrbrds at aim.com
Tue Nov 3 14:03:36 UTC 2009

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Subject: Re: why ubuntu 910 boot very slow?

John Scott wrote:
> At 17 seconds, this SATA RAID setup kicks the snot out of my windows
> startup time on the same system. Of course since this is the first
> non-wubi full install I have done so I have nothing to compare it to.
> I am using essentially the same software that I use on windows. Linux
> is much faster. The memory footprint is much lower. Even my normally
> bogged down Firefox with a zillion extensions is snappy. Whatever
> performance issues there are don't seem to affect my rig, aside from
> crappy wifi performance that is.

I tried to install on my HP Pav. with Opteron, SATA, nVidia, and
4G....the 64-bit version. There was a kernel problem, but I don't have
it nailed down yet. I hope to find out tomorrow so I'll have more
specs., but obviously, this shouldn't be happening. As to 9.10, on this
Dell laptop, it's the first time I really like Gnome....have hated it
for years. Further, all I've ever installed on a LOT of systems has been
SUSE and now openSUSE.....YEARS of dedication to SUSE and KDE. This too
might change, if there's a fix for the HP. I have a LOT of clients with
them, so converting them is on hold for how.


HP, ouch. I got enough of them with my last Pavilion WMC. Bought it for 
its quiet operation. After 9 mo.s HP Update downloaded an auto-BIOS 
update that put the fan on full with no way to revert. Sounded like a 
jet engine in my living room. Then got the infamous HP tatoo failure 
bluescreen. Swore them off for all eternity. Google HP+Tatoo, and 
HP+fan full speed BIOS update. You get lots of tech docs of pissed off 
HP former customers. Seems HP routinely disables fan control whenever 
they see temperature-related support cases increase for a product.

Try running the Ubunty diagnostic. You can skip most to get to the 
benchmark section. Will give you some performance info for your hard 
drive. Maybe that will answer some questions. Sounds like your hardware 
is similar to mine. I have a core2quad w/4G nvidia 6600 series. I've 
seen no problems with the SATA RAID (aside from the weird setup 
procedure) so far and I have transferred many large files. Give it a 
go. Just maintain good backups for a while.

I used SuSE for around 6 years but my latest effort with OpenSuse did 
not end well. I swore by KDE too but it grew too bloated. Someone 
thought menus overflowing with half-baked programs would seem like a 
great value. It was actually just confusing. I was away from Linux for 
about 4 years. So I was a bit surprised when I returned to find GNOME 
much better, much more refined, and no crap on the menu. So I compared 
OpenSuSe and Ubuntu to see which I would prefer. OpenSuse left a lot 
more things un-configured and didn't support my Atheros wifi out of the 
box. Took a week to figure out how to enable it(even with prior 
experience). With Ubuntu, it took 10 seconds to type my WPA key and I 
was in, with Firefox right there on the menu and my bookmarks and 
passwords as well as my documents already imported. The choice was a 


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