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fyrbrds at netscape.net wrote:
>  You wouldn't call that tweaking? What difference does that make? Do 
you know
tools that do this or not? Why can't anyone just answer that question?

Those are standard settings for any wireless connection...if the tools
don't offer that....what can I say?
>> Are there not gui tools for configuring the connection parameters 


I think you are confusing standards with abstractions for bundled 
standards. 802.11 b, g, & n are all standards but there is no option to 
choose either in Ubuntu.  WPA & WPA2 are standards. The inability to 
choose between them is NOT a standard.  In Ubuntu, all the "standard 
settings" are lumped together in simplistic drop boxes but other tools 
exist that let you select what type of encryption you will use and what 
wifi connection standard.   The tools that Ubuntu uses as standard are 
tools my grandmother might like because they have few if any options. 
But what about those of us that know what settings we need? what about 
cases where the simple tools don't work properly because they select 
the wrong standard to use? Ubuntu clearly decided to keep it simple and 
that's fine, but what tools have they removed that might be helpful 
here? My hope is that someone on this list has some experience changing 
these kinds of settings on a more granular level than is possible for 
these 3rd grade level tools.

I am not even sure that 802.11-N is supported in Linux. If someone 
said, "I understand how you feel but most stock kernel drivers for wifi 
cards do not support the wifi-n standard yet," that would be helpful. 
Or, "those tools are not normally used in Ubuntu but you can download 
them here," that would be helpful. Is anyone getting N speed with 

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