How to change the Screen resolution on ubuntu 9.04

Dirk Freitag unreal.linux at
Tue Mar 31 14:43:11 UTC 2009

Larry Shields wrote:
> Larry Shields wrote:
>> *I have downloaded the iso for ubuntu 9.04, which went very well...
>> My problem is that in the System>preferences> there is no screen 
>> resolution being shown as it does in intrepid...
>> So does anyone know where it is or how to change the default, to 
>> 1024x768...???
>> Any help on this would be appreciated...
>> Thanks Larry
>> *
> *I a going to reply to my own msg...I found that in the 
> system>preferences instead of showing screen resolution, it  has been 
> changed to DISPLAY!...I really could not see it before for the text was 
> to small for me to read...
> So I now have it set as 1024x768, but it will not save it, guess you 
> need to be root, but how can one do that...???
> Thanks for any help on this matter...
> Larry
> *

I dont know why it would require that you be root, but if you want to 
try it, you can right click on the menu, and select "edit menus".  A 
window will pop up with the menu structure for Applications and System. 
  Click on "Preferences" and to the right all the menu options under 
Preferences will come up.  Click once on Display, and select the 
properties button to the right.  You will see an option for "command". 
Add "gksu" before whatever is currently in there.  Close out of the edit 
menus, and try.  When you click on the icon, it should prompt you for 
the sudo password.  Type it in, and make your changes and see if it 
saves it.  Let us know.

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