printers for UBUNTU?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Tue Mar 31 11:03:15 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Therefore, if a printer won't work in Linux, it
>>> will likely print things wrong in Windows as well.
>> which world are you linving in? ;-)
> Since our native world is a gas giant, we tend to habitat the moons
> primarily. My home is on Titan, but I frequent Rhea and Dione
> extensively.

Dotan, your humour is always so..... Well, I simply love it!!!

>> No offense intended, but there still are a multitude of printers that
>> work well in Windows (especially those "host-printing" devices), which
>> output nothing but garbage on Linux.
> I know that. But those printers have their own implementations of
> printer standards such as postscript. When the day comes that you need
> to troubleshoot why application XYZ prints fine, but project ABC can't
> print, you'll now know why. I really don't know the details (I'm
> mechanical engineering, not CS) but we both know what happens when an
> application uses it's own non-standard version of the "standards"
> (*cough*Internet Explorer*cough*).

And again, also this is derfinitely not funny, at least not for windows 
lovers, I appreciate your explanation and could not agree more!


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