Ubuntu 8.10 applets not saving properties - sounds + NetManager

Raquel raquel at thericehouse.net
Sun Mar 29 16:02:28 UTC 2009

On Sun, 29 Mar 2009 15:44:27 +0300
Mihai Tanasescu <mihai at duras.ro> wrote:

> Hello guys,
> I've just installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my desktop PC at home, being
> used to it so far only on servers and working just with the console.
> So far, I'm having 2 problems and after reading and google-ing a
> bit I decided to also ask here in hopes of finding better
> workarounds. Currently there are 2 bugs which I've seen and people
> have already reported:
> - NetworkManager won't save any static IP setting
> - Sound  Control Applet won't save my unchecked box Analog/Digital 
> Output for my Audigy Card
> (My speakers are connected via Analog..so no matter what I do,
> after each restart the checkbox appears again in its initial state
> and I have no sound..which is frustrating).
> So, questions:
> 1. For Network Manager is there any more decent way for adding a
> static IP, rather then using a script in /etc/rc.local with
> ifconfig and route ?
> 2. For the Sound problem how may I get it to work without opening
> each time the volume control (or alsamixer ncurses interface via
> console) and unchecking the Analog/Digital checkbox ?

I'm no expert.  I don't have any answers for your sound problems.
However, all my network problems with 8.10 ended when I installed
WICD, which removed Network Manager.  Using WICD I can connect to my
static IP network (wired & unwired) or I can connect to someone
else's dynamic IP network.

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