sudo and su stopped working??

Derek Broughton derek at
Sat Mar 28 02:20:48 UTC 2009

Mike Adolf wrote:

> Mark Haney wrote:
>> Mike Adolf wrote:
>>> Don't have any idea why or how to fix it, but suddenly sudo and su both
>>> give "authentication failed" error.  System/Root Terminal still works
>>> and User/Groups still shows I have admin privileges. I am using 8.10 and
>>> ran a security update this morning.
>>> Mike
>> The only time I've seen this happen before is with a glibc update
>> breaking it.  I would start there. SOmetimes re-installing glibc fixes
>> that.
> I have no glibc! synaptic shows glibc source. Apt-get can not find glibc.

Of course you do.  Your system wouldn't work at all without it :-)

Unfortunately, it's some kind of graduation test for newbies - it's actually
called libc6 (and it has a counterpart, libc6-i686 which has optimizations
for newer - ie, pretty much everything that's still around -CPUs).

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