Common folder between two users (same machine)

H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Mar 24 16:15:12 UTC 2009

Alan E. Davis wrote:
> My family members all want to access our photo archive, and perhaps music
> files from individual user's accounts.  How can I set this up?
> Here's what I thought of so far, but I think it's not going to work nicely:
> two ideas are
>    - set up a user "common" where a partition is mounted to
> /home/common/photos, or some such.
>    - set up symlinks in each user's directory to folders that other users
> may be allowed to access
>  Is there a standard way to do this?  I don't wnat to share folders with a
> windows computer.
> Alan Davis
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Case 1 that I have tried: I have a folder called /media/Photos which is
writable by the video group. This way all people in "video" group and
write/read to it. Everyone can put photos there (but all photos should
go in properly named directories and have some order to avoid chaos by
all family members!).

Case 2: But the previous did not allow the access over the network
(other than by opening a display). I then mounted that folder in samba
and made it belong to the smbuser group. Now everyone who has access to
that machine over samba from any machine (Mac, Windows, Linux) and
put/read photos from there.

Bottom line: IMHO, all photos should in one specific folder and arranged
there in some manner (multiple folders based on some criterion). And
that one folder must be readable/writable by a group, e.g. video. And
all people you want to share photos must belong to that group (mostly
all desktop users belong to the video group). The other option of
allowing permissions of 777 (everyone can write/read) is just not as
tight in security, but it is your choice.



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